Ever wondered how to capture the constant beauty of the ever changing seasons?

If so, welcome to The Northumbrian Artist

Thank you for visiting the website of George Skelton, a well known Northumbrian Artist. George's highly acclaimed work is now available to buy online for the very first time.

If you've arrived here with a clear idea of what you're after why not visit the online shop, both original shop and limited edition print shop  and see what original paintings or limited edition prints are currently available.
However, if you've arrived here following a recommendation or just by browsing the internet, perhaps the "I don't know much about art but I know what I like" quote will help you, as afterall Art isn't an exact science.

Art is something you like or better still love. Art is about evoking an emotion, memory or feeling. Perhaps of a certain place, person, time or item that you want to live on in the form of a painting. Or perhaps to you is just about filling an empty wall in your house whilst capturing the right colour or mood.

It doesn't really matter as Art is all about opinions and the only real opinion that counts is yours.

George is internationally recognised as being able to stir emotions with his paintings so to view his work why not take a look around the online shop, both originals and limited edition prints, browse the online gallery for examples of George's work or if you have any particular Art requirements contact The Northumbrian Artist where George will be happy to discuss them in more detail.
George can be contacted either by email:- georgeskelton42@tiscali.co.uk
or by telephone 07790 681512